Tuesday, November 20, 2007


There are spaces
within atoms
between the nucleus and the electron
So vast negative and positive do not meet.

There are spaces
between planets so set
by the tug and pull of gravity
So vast they do not collide.

There are spaces between solar systems
So vast we cannot comprehend their measure.

As there are spaces between skin and sinew
Sinew and bone
As there are spaces within
Waiting to be explored.

I journey inward with tools taught by the masters
Only to find my inattention drives me to sleep.
I journey inward to find the door seemingly locked
And I cannot enter.

I know you are journeying through space yourself
Through the spaces within.
I do not know if you have gone beyond the door
Or like me am still seeking entrance.

But should you journey inwards
And I can break open the lock
Let us meet within
And there together contemplate
The vast expanse of space.

(Written in solitude during a retreat in MJV, Baguio, 19-25 May 2007)


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